Sure, it's Sostel
Sostel has been present in the italian market for over 40 years and proposes itself as an important reference in the healthcare market for internal communication systems and bed head units

Service-oriented, Sostel addresses its expertise and knowledge to its customers, to allow a better choice of:
Nurse Call, Paging, Intercom systems, and Electromedical bed head units.

Since 2000, the Company has been selling bed head units and, in 2001 decided to directly produce these devices, while in 2005 it acquired the certification, for the entire KABEL product line, as manufacturer of electrical equipment conforming to Directive 93/42/EC  for medical devices.

Sostel boasts a commercial network that covers all of Italy and is able to assist its customers with professionalism, understanding their needs and offering advanced solutions; an expert technical department is able to ensure maximum customer assistance.




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KABEL Series Catalogue

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