Trave testaletto Dinghy Seie Kabel

Dinghy: the most compact bed head unit of the Kabel Series

Dinghy officially joins the Kabel family! Small but complete, Dinghy combines a modern and minimal design with all the functions of a class I bed head unit. It is designed to house the equipment needed in low care departments: direct and indirect LED light, nurse call module complete with call button panel and lights control, electrical modules with Schuko and bypass sockets located on the side profiles of the device.

Designed for the needs of low care departments, Dinghy combines a pleasant and compact design with the most requested functions in inpatient and long-term care departments (community hospitals, nursing homes…).

Dinghy is made of 2 structural profiles in 2 mm extruded aluminium. It has a resistant and compact structure (it protrudes only 85 mm from the wall). The surface is smooth and free of sharp edges, unaffected by normal sanitization and disinfection products, free of slots that could favor the accumulation of dirt (IP40 protection level). The upper and lower parts of the unit are closed by special polycarbonate covers to protect the lighting parts.

Dinghy can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 electric modules. The electrical equipment is placed on the lateral ends of the unit and flush-mounted. Its design is characterized by a smooth front separated horizontally by a 4 mm raised line.

Dinghy is offered in two configurations with standard colours: matt RAL white 9010 main profile and orange RAL 2004 line

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