Sant’Andrea Hospital (Vercelli)

Department: CICU (Coronary Intensive Care Unit)
Beds: 8
Date: 2023

Products and solutions

  • Horizontal bed head units Van LED
  • Vertical bed head units MERYcare
  • Nurse Call System

Description of the project

The CICU department (Coronary Intensive Care Unit) of the Vercelli Hospital, belonging to the S.C. Cardiology directed by Dr. Francesco Rametta, has 5 inpatient rooms and a total of 8 beds. Each bed has been equipped with two bed head units, in order to fit all the necessary equipment for patient care in a small space.

The Van LED horizontal unit supports direct and indirect lighting and provides the necessary electrical equipment. It was created with an integrated full-length medical rail, on which a 30.00 lux examination lamp is mounted and, if necessary, further accessories.

The vertical unit, MERYcare model, has been equipped with medical gas sockets, nurse call units and all the accessories to support the infusion and monitoring equipment: monitor arm, double telescopic IV pole with four hooks, instrument bar with basket, a shelf with drawer and a foldable storage tray.

Sostel also supplied and activated an AQURA Essentials nurse call system for the department.

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